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Cloud RO features state of the art alkaline water filtration technology that removes 99% of toxins, and adds the minerals your body needs.

Installed in the cabinet under your kitchen sink, Cloud RO connects directly to your water line to provide you with perfect drinking water. Dirty tap water passes through four filtration stages removing 99% of contaminants, including PFAs, micro-plastics, and heavy metals. Clean drinking water is stored in a 3.2 gallon tank so it is ready when you are. The Cloud RO unit, holding tank, and drinking water faucet are all included in your purchase.

Unit: 10.85" D x 7.24" W x 15.8" H
Tank: 11.3" D x 11.3" W x 15.67" T
Free shipping and delivered straight to your front door. Installing Cloud RO requires some basic knowledge of under-sink plumbing. Cloud is battery powered so no electrical hookup is required. You can follow our straightforward video installation guides to get started. If you’re unsure if you can install it, find a local professional to install your Cloud water filtration system for you.
Regularly replacing the filter stages ensures perfectly clean water every single time. Cloud RO features a user friendly filter replacement process so you can quickly and easily switch out those spent filters with new ones. Connect your device to the Cloud app and we will auto-ship your filter replacements when your family needs them, not on some arbitrary timeline. For reference, Cloud filters typically need to be changed 1-2 times per year with an average annual cost of $200.
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Cloud Delivers

Since installing the Cloud RO in our home we’ve experienced a major uptick in our families dialogue around the importance of drinking adequate amounts of water. Side perk for our family is the significant reduction in plastic waste, both from an environmental and nuisance perspective. The cherry on top is the improved taste of everything from the pure drinking water to the coffee we drink via Cloud water as the base. All upside!

    Great product, water even better

    I am thrilled with my new cloud. Learning about how bad the water my family and I was drinking before is scary. The device itself is easy to use and looks great. Mobile app goes everything together for me. Recommend to buy.

      Love it!

      The water is so fresh and crisp and I love knowing that I don’t have to add minerals back in. It’s all done for me. Love it!


        Love this system. Water tastes great. Easy install, water quality monitoring and auto filter shipping only when actually needing to be replaced. Well worth the purchase.

          Great all around

          Best water filter ever. Love the taste of the water.

          Simply the BEST!!!

          I can hands down say this is the best RO water system! It is so beautifully created with such ease! The water seriously tastes amazing and I love that we can see on our app exactly what it’s removing, how much we’re drinking, and what’s added back in. I promise you won’t regret this decision to get clean drinking water right from your faucet!

            10/10 !

            This is a wonderful product and I was able to install it in about 30 minutes. I'm so impressed with this in my own home that I'm about to purchase another for a house I'm renovating. 10s across the board!

              Great Taste!

              My Husband and I would consider ourselves "Water Snobs", prior to Cloud we would only drink our preferred brand of bottled water and wouldn't touch our old RO system with a 10ft pole... THEN we decided to upgrade to CloudRO. The taste of the CloudRO systems water is SO GOOD, happy to report that we've ditched all bottled water! The app is also awesome and gives you a ton of real time info on your water, and knowing that the water my family is drinking is clean and safe is worth every penny!

                We love our cloud water!!

                We have tried several different water filtration systems in the past and this one is by far our favorite. Even our pickiest family members agree, the water tastes amazing!! The installation process was smooth and easy, the unit is sleek and silent, and I love how the app is tracking our personal usage so we know exactly when new filters are needed! Can’t recommend this product enough!

                  Peace of mind

                  The fact that I can see the water quality in realtime, is priceless. I replaced an older RO system and there are several key differences that make Cloud superior to the other unit. The remineralization makes water taste great, and healthier to drink. The filters are easily replaceable, no need for a plumber to come out once a year. And finally the realtime water quality sensors that provide key data on the water quality coming in and going out. Great investment for anyone living in an area with subpar water quality.