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Cloud RO features state-of-the-art alkaline water filtration technology that removes 99% of toxins, including lead, fluoride, PFAs pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and more. An integrated remineralization stage adds trace minerals like calcium, magnesium, and potassium leaving your water pure and alkaline.

Cloud connects directly to the incoming water line under your kitchen sink and hooks up to a dedicated drinking water faucet installed on your countertop. Unlike traditional RO systems, Cloud has an internal hydraulic pump that maximizes water pressure, allowing you to hook the system up to a fridge, ice maker, or even install it in your basement without any pressure loss. Multiple filtration stages remove up to 99% of contaminants. Clean drinking water is stored in a 2.8-gallon holding tank so it is ready when you are. Internal sensors track water quality and consumption over time and report that data to the Cloud app. The Cloud RO system, holding tank, stainless steel faucet, filter cartridges, and battery pack are all included in your purchase.
Cloud is designed to fit in all standard under-sink cabinets with the system sitting in front of the tank. The provided tubes are long enough for you to arrange however fits best within your current plumbing. We are happy to provide additional tubing and fittings for basement or fridge installation.

RO: 11.3” W x 15.8” H x 10.85” D
Tank: 10”W x 15.67” H
Total Depth: 21” D
You have the option to install under your sink, in your basement and even hook it up to your fridge or icemaker. Installing Cloud RO requires some basic knowledge of plumbing, but Cloud is far easier to install than traditional reverse osmosis systems.

A dedicated drinking water faucet is included with your purchase. A 0.5"-1.25" diameter hole in your countertop must be accessible to install the faucet. A sink sprayer or soap dispenser can be repurposed for the faucet, or a new hole can be drilled prior to installation.

Cloud is battery powered so no electrical hookup is required. The long lasting battery pack only needs to be replaced when replacing the filters. On average Cloud installation takes 30-60min and you can follow our straightforward video installation guide to get started. If you would like assistance with the Cloud RO installation, please find a local professional to install your Cloud water filtration system for you.
Regularly replacing the filter cartridges ensures perfectly clean water every single time. Cloud RO features a user friendly filter replacement process so you can quickly and easily switch out those spent filters with new ones. Connect your device to the Cloud app and filter replacements will be shipped out when you need them. Cloud sensors track both water quality and consumption and trigger filter replacements before your water quality begins to deteriorate. Although Cloud’s usage based replacements take many factors into account, the typical replacement cadence for a family of four is every 12 months, and the cost on average is $200 per year.
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Tech Specs

  • Installation30-60min InstallSystem Life10-15yr LifespanFilter Stages8 Filtration Stages
  • CertificationNSF 58 Certification (In-Progress)
    Third Party tested to NSF 42, 53, 58
    & 401 StandardsMaterialsBPA-free food grade plastic
    Lead free, Stainless steel faucet
  • Outlet Pressure45 psiFaucet Flow Rate0.5-0.75 GPMRO Membrane Production Rate80 GPD
  • Waste Water Ratio1:1Post Remin pH7.5-9.5Tank Volume2.8 Gallons
  • Installation30-60 min installSystem Life10-15 yr LifespanCertificationNSF 58 Certification (In-Progress), Third-Party tested to NSF 42, 53, 58, & 401 StandardsFilter Stages8 Filtration StagesMaterialsBPA-free food grade plastic
    Lead free, Stainless steel faucet
  • Outlet Pressure45 psiFaucet Flow Rate0.5-0.75 GPMRO Membrane Production Rate80 GPDWaste Water Ratio1:1Post Remin pH7.5-9.5Tank Volume2.8 Gallons

Ratings & Reviews

5.0 stars

54 reviews

Customer Photos

Great Product

Have been super happy! The water tastes great and the system works efficient and the app is a great plus. Design is nice and sleak under sink. Glad we purchased.

    Great water

    Easy installation. You need to follow the instructions to run the water and flush out the initial cloudiness. But once it is up and running the water tastes great and the faucet is attractive.

      Way Better Water!

      We recently had our cloud water system installed and it took less than 20 minutes for total installation. I was worried with our larger sink it wouldn't fit but fit perfectly without taking up too much room. The water quality taste is so much better than even what came from our filtered refrigerator water. It's quite noticeable and really makes you wonder why we waited so long to purchase it. I was shocked at how good the water pressure is as well. It fills up a water bottle very quickly compared to other models. The app is very handy and...

        Great quality

        Good product highly recommend for people who love Rodi systems! Easy install

          The best purchase for outstanding water!

          I received the cloud RO just a few weeks ago and I’m already mad that I never got one sooner! I have no prior plumbing experience and the set up of the RO was so simple that anyone can do it. I just followed along with their YouTube video and paused it step by step and it was the most simple installation. Once it was installed I followed the directions and let the water flow and when it was ready to use I could have no been happier! It’s go to too in my kitchen now whenever I want great...

            Great RO system!

            I swapped out a traditional RO system because I was looking for simpler filter changes and a remineralizing feature. Cloud checked those two boxes easily plus it was super simple to install and since I already had an existing RO system, most of the work was already done. I am not the most handy person yet even I was able to install this in about 45 min. The kit was easy to work with and the manual was nicely written. Now there's also much less clutter under the sink with Cloud. I also love the app that shows overall Cloud...

            LOVE my new water filter!

            I love my new Cloud RO. The installation was quick & I love the design of the sleek black faucet. It's great quality and so easy to use. It fits perfectly into my modern style kitchen. One of my favorite things about Cloud RO is KNOWING I'm getting clean and good tasting water. It's amazing how I can check on the app on my phone for the water quality, gallons consumed, water bottles saved, pH level and it even notifies me when it's time for a filter change. Now THAT'S a water filter I can depend on. I feel good...

              Wishing we had this RO system sooner!

              Living in the city the water quality isn't too great, but after installing Cloud RO system we know we don't have to compromise on the taste and quality of our water anyomore! The installation was a breeze if you follow step by step instructions from the manual - anyone can do it and enjoy tap water in no time!

                Easy setup; great water.

                After extensive research, we chose to go with CloudRO, and couldn't be happier. Installation wasn't hard, and the water tastes great.

                  Turn into a Believer

                  I will say I’ve always been skeptical of products that make it look so easy to install. However, I was completely blown away by how easy this product was to install. I have zero plumbing background or experience. I was able to drill a hole into my quartz countertop and install this in less than an hour. Moving on to the taste! I live in a rural area with extremely hard water. I didn’t think it would make a difference. I was blown away by the taste and so were my kids. I was nervous at first because of the...

                  • Water For Life, For Less

                    $45 per month gets you perfectly clean, perfectly alkaline water for life.

                  • Easy Self Installation

                    Follow our straightforward video installation guides to get started.

                  • 1 Year Satisfaction Guarantee

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