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Cloud RO

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Cloud RO features state-of-the-art alkaline water filtration technology that removes 99% of toxins, including lead, fluoride, PFAs pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and more. An integrated remineralization stage adds trace minerals like calcium, magnesium, and potassium leaving your water pure and alkaline.

Cloud connects directly to the incoming water line under your kitchen sink and hooks up to a dedicated drinking water faucet installed on your countertop. Unlike traditional RO systems, Cloud has an internal hydraulic pump that maximizes water pressure, allowing you to hook the system up to a fridge, ice maker, or even install it in your basement without any pressure loss. Multiple filtration stages remove up to 99% of contaminants. Clean drinking water is stored in a 2.8-gallon holding tank so it is ready when you are. Internal sensors track water quality and consumption over time and report that data to the Cloud app. The Cloud RO system, holding tank, stainless steel faucet, filter cartridges, and battery pack are all included in your purchase.
Cloud is designed to fit in all standard under-sink cabinets with the system sitting in front of the tank. The provided tubes are long enough for you to arrange however fits best within your current plumbing. We are happy to provide additional tubing and fittings for basement or fridge installation.

RO: 11.3” W x 15.8” H x 10.85” D
Tank: 10”W x 15.67” H
Total Depth: 21” D
You have the option to install under your sink, in your basement and even hook it up to your fridge or icemaker. Installing Cloud RO requires some basic knowledge of plumbing, but Cloud is far easier to install than traditional reverse osmosis systems.

A dedicated drinking water faucet is included with your purchase. A 0.5"-1.25" diameter hole in your countertop must be accessible to install the faucet. A sink sprayer or soap dispenser can be repurposed for the faucet, or a new hole can be drilled prior to installation.

Cloud is battery powered so no electrical hookup is required. The long lasting battery pack only needs to be replaced when replacing the filters. On average Cloud installation takes 30-60min and you can follow our straightforward video installation guide to get started. If you would like assistance with the Cloud RO installation, please find a local professional to install your Cloud water filtration system for you.
Regularly replacing the filter cartridges ensures perfectly clean water every single time. Cloud RO features a user friendly filter replacement process so you can quickly and easily switch out those spent filters with new ones. Connect your device to the Cloud app and track your filter life in realtime. We will only recommend filter replacements when you need them, not on some arbitrary timeline. Cloud’s replacement logic takes both consumption and water quality into account when recommending replacements. Although Cloud’s replacement recommendations are based on your household, the typical replacement cadence for a family of four is every 9-12 months, and the cost on average is $200-$250 per year.
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