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Cloud RO features state of the art alkaline water filtration technology that removes 99% of toxins, and adds the minerals your body needs.

Installed in the cabinet under your kitchen sink, Cloud RO connects directly to your water line to provide you with perfect drinking water. Dirty tap water passes through four filtration stages removing 99% of contaminants, including PFAs, micro-plastics, and heavy metals. Clean drinking water is stored in a 3.2 gallon tank so it is ready when you are. The Cloud RO unit, holding tank, and drinking water faucet are all included in your purchase.

Unit: 10.85" D x 7.24" W x 15.8" H
Tank: 11.3" D x 11.3" W x 15.67" T
Free shipping and delivered straight to your front door. Installing Cloud RO requires some basic knowledge of under-sink plumbing. Cloud is battery powered so no electrical hookup is required. You can follow our straightforward video installation guides to get started. If you’re unsure if you can install it, find a local professional to install your Cloud water filtration system for you.
Regularly replacing the filter stages ensures perfectly clean water every single time. Cloud RO features a user friendly filter replacement process so you can quickly and easily switch out those spent filters with new ones. Connect your device to the Cloud app and we will auto-ship your filter replacements when your family needs them, not on some arbitrary timeline. For reference, Cloud filters typically need to be changed 1-2 times per year with an average annual cost of $200.
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Finally at peace with my drinking water

I recently purchased the Cloud RO system for my home, and I am very impressed with it. The taste of the water is noticeably better, and I feel confident knowing that all impurities and contaminants are being removed from my drinking water. This is especially important for my one-year-old's sippy cup, as I can now be at ease knowing that he is drinking clean and safe water. One of the standout features of the Cloud RO system is its monitoring system. The accompanying smart app allows me to track the system's performance in real-time, monitor the filter life, and receive...

Clean and cold. I love it!

Love my Cloud. I've had RO systems in the past and they always have awful pressure that leaves you with a trickle at the faucet. Cloud has a great flow rate and the extra pressure even allows me to hook it up to my fridge/icemaker. Cold water, clean ice, and it tastes great. Looks nice too... I love showing it off.

Our Kids Love the App!

We've had RO filters for years but we've never had a filter with an app. Our Cloud RO is like a Nest Thermostat or Sonos so we have visibility and control. Water is delicious, flow is amazing but the most fun part is our kids love checking the app to see how much water we've drank and how many plastic bottles we've saved!

Cloud installation

The technition was professional and did a great job!!