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Cloud RO features state-of-the-art alkaline water filtration technology that removes 99% of toxins, including lead, fluoride, PFAs pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and more. An integrated remineralization stage adds trace minerals like calcium, magnesium, and potassium leaving your water pure and alkaline.

Cloud connects directly to the incoming water line under your kitchen sink and hooks up to a dedicated drinking water faucet installed on your countertop. Unlike traditional RO systems, Cloud has an internal hydraulic pump that maximizes water pressure, allowing you to hook the system up to a fridge, ice maker, or even install it in your basement without any pressure loss. Multiple filtration stages remove up to 99% of contaminants. Clean drinking water is stored in a 2.8-gallon holding tank so it is ready when you are. Internal sensors track water quality and consumption over time and report that data to the Cloud app. The Cloud RO system, holding tank, stainless steel faucet, filter cartridges, and battery pack are all included in your purchase.
Cloud is designed to fit in all standard under-sink cabinets with the system sitting in front of the tank. The provided tubes are long enough for you to arrange however fits best within your current plumbing. We are happy to provide additional tubing and fittings for basement or fridge installation.

RO: 11.3” W x 15.8” H x 10.85” D
Tank: 10”W x 15.67” H
Total Depth: 21” D
You have the option to install under your sink, in your basement and even hook it up to your fridge or icemaker. Installing Cloud RO requires some basic knowledge of plumbing, but Cloud is far easier to install than traditional reverse osmosis systems.

A dedicated drinking water faucet is included with your purchase. A 0.5"-1.25" diameter hole in your countertop must be accessible to install the faucet. A sink sprayer or soap dispenser can be repurposed for the faucet, or a new hole can be drilled prior to installation.

Cloud is battery powered so no electrical hookup is required. The long lasting battery pack only needs to be replaced when replacing the filters. On average Cloud installation takes 30-60min and you can follow our straightforward video installation guide to get started. If you would like assistance with the Cloud RO installation, please find a local professional to install your Cloud water filtration system for you.
Regularly replacing the filter cartridges ensures perfectly clean water every single time. Cloud RO features a user friendly filter replacement process so you can quickly and easily switch out those spent filters with new ones. Connect your device to the Cloud app and filter replacements will be shipped out when you need them. Cloud sensors track both water quality and consumption and trigger filter replacements before your water quality begins to deteriorate. Although Cloud’s usage based replacements take many factors into account, the typical replacement cadence for a family of four is every 12 months, and the cost on average is $200 per year.
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The RO typically sits in front of the tank, but the cords are long enough for you to arrange however fits best within your current under-sink plumbing. We know under-sink storage is precious. Make sure you measure before ordering to ensure you’ll have enough space.

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I'm blown away by this product. I can taste such a distinct difference and there is absolutely no way I can go back. I'll admit, my boyfriend installed the whole system by himself, but he said the instructions were straightforward and easy to follow. It's seamlessly become our favorite gadget in our apartment and we love that it'll be easy to take with us when we move. Thank you Cloud!!!!

    If I can install it, anyone can!

    We absolutely LOVE our Cloud filter. I installed our filter myself in less than an hour - and I'm the first to admit I'm not necessarily a DIY-er. Between the instructions in the box and the tutorial on the website, install was easy peasy! Thank you, Cloud, for giving us the healthiest water!

      I’m obsessed!!

      I am absolutely in love with my Cloud Filter!! The water tastes so good and I love that I can actually see what going on with it through the app. The design is beautiful (I have the gold faucet) and I genuinely feel more hydrated. I cannot recommend it enough!

        A must have!

        One thing that was essential in our kitchen remodel was leaving space for a water filter. I love that we have clean water everyday and we don’t have to worry about filling 5 gallon jugs at the store anymore. It’s so important to me that a filter removes all the toxins including fluoride and we love that cloud does just that! Highly recommend!!!

        So sleek, so clean, and so easy to install!

        Every detail of this water filter is exceptional quality. Obviously the main thing is the water quality & taste, and you can feel the attention to detail and care with every aspect of the experience. The design is sleek and thoughtful with subtle hand holds just where you need them and guides during the installation, it looks aesthetically pleasing under the sink. The installation instructions are clear and caring. I’m somewhat handy (not a plumber) and was able to do the install myself at a relaxed pace within 2.5-3hours, taking my time at each step. If you know how to...

        First one's the charm!

        Never had any of these types of filters before, but it'll be a staple in any house I live in from now on! The water tastes great and makes you feel great knowing that it's so much better for you! A plumber (the one who suggested we get an RO filter in the first place) came and installed it. The app is great with clear instructions and filter statuses. I want to get a new house just so I can get another filter hahaha.

          installed in the basement

          Installed my Cloud system in my unfinished basement directly below my kitchen sink. Had to put in a shelf on the wall, but that was easy, took 10 minutes. The Cloud packaging and instructions were easy to follow and now we have delicious clean water. Because my system is in the basement, we had to made a couple of changes, but fortunately, the waste line for the sink was also right there so we could run the Cloud waste line right into the sink waste line in the basement. None of it was rocket science! So glad to have the...

            Exceptional Water Filtration System with White Glove Service for Pure and Refreshing Hydration!

            I recently purchased the Cloud Water Filtration System, and I am absolutely thrilled with the results! From the moment I opened the package, I was impressed with the attention to detail. The white glove service for installation provided by Cloud's team was outstanding, ensuring that the setup process was seamless and stress-free. The quality of the water that this filtration system produces is nothing short of remarkable. Each sip is a reminder of the importance of clean, pure water for our well-being. The Cloud Water Filtration System not only removes impurities and contaminants but also enhances the taste of the...

              Quality and taste.

              The unit works great. The installation was professional and we love it. We are recomending it to our friends and family.

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