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Replacement Filter Packs

  • 5 Pack - $200

    This full set covers all of your bases. It includes a sediment filter, carbon block filter, reverse osmosis membrane, remineralizing post filter, and battery.

  • 8 powerful
    filtration stages

  • Easy twist

  • No need to shut
    off water supply

Cloud RO houses four filter cartridges and a battery pack. The four filtration stages include a sediment filter, carbon block pre-filter, reverse osmosis membrane, and remineralizing post filter. These filtration stages remove up to 99% of toxins in your tap water and add healthy minerals leaving your water alkaline. Cloud’s app tracks your filter life and recommends replacements when they are needed.

Cloud filters are NSF 58 certified to remove up to 99% of toxins in your tap. The RO membrane features a best in industry 1:1 waste ratio. The remineralizing post filter contains premium mineral beads that add trace amounts of calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, and zinc. These minerals naturally raise your water’s pH, leaving your drinking water pure and alkaline.

Cloud’s internal sensors are powered by an easy to change battery pack. The battery pack contains non-toxic, non-hazardous single use batteries. According to the EPA, in most communities single use alkaline batteries can be safely disposed of with your household waste. Please check your specific community regulations to confirm if battery recycling is required for single use alkaline batteries.
On average the filters will last one year, but every household is different. Unlike traditional RO filters, Cloud tracks your usage and performance and only recommends filter changes when you need them. Make sure to connect and check your Cloud app to keep tabs on system performance and filter life.
Cloud RO features a unique modular design that makes filter changes a breeze. When it’s time for a change there is no need to turn off your water or touch any of your plumbing. Simply pull the lever down to release the magazine, pull the whole thing out of your cabinet and change your filters on your countertop or floor where you have adequate space. Out with the old in with the new!

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