Installation Guide

Installing a water filter can be tricky. If you’d like some help please check out our list of installation providers in your area:

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First Things First

Let’s get started with the installation. Welcome to the Cloud Family.

Clean Out The Cabinet

Before you begin installation it is a good idea to remove everything from underneath your sink. Clear the area so you have a nice open workspace. Wipe down the cabinet base with a rag and you are ready to start the install.

Wash Your Hands

You will be handling tubes and fittings throughout the installation. It is important to remember that your Cloud system is a sterile environment. Make sure to wash your hands before you begin so you don’t introduce any germs when installing the system.

Keep the Base Separated

Cloud RO’s unique modular design allows you to install the Base, and get all of the tubing in place, before attaching the larger Magazine. The small size of the Base is more manageable and gives you some elbow room when working through the installation.