Filters Delivered, When You Need Them

  • Multi-Stage Filtration

    Four filters jam-packed with eight stages of filtration. Our powerful pre-filters and reverse osmosis membrane remove 99% of toxins, and our remineralizer adds the essential minerals you need. See full filter details below.

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  • Usage Based Replacements

    Every household has unique water quality concerns and individual consumption trends. Filter changes are based on you, not some arbitrary timeline. Check performance and replacement timelines in the Cloud app. On average expect to spend $200 per year on filter replacements.

  • Easy Peasy Filter Changes

    Filter changes shouldn’t be a weekend project. Cloud has a built in water shutoff so you never need to touch your plumbing. The unique modular design allows you to remove the entire magazine and change the filters on your countertop.

Multi-stage NSF Certified Filtration

8 filtration stages packed into 4 easy to change cartridges. The Cloud RO system is currently undergoing NSF58 certification, and each filter stage has been tested against stringent NSF standards.

Stage 1

First Line of Defense

This 5 micron polypropylene filter traps dirt, rust and larger particles suspended in your tap water. Think of this filter stage like a coffee filter, any large particles get caught up and the water passes through to the next filtration stage.

  • 5 Micron Filtration
  • Advanced Polypropylene
  • Long Lasting Construction
  • NSF 42Standard

Stage 2-3

Ultimate Protection

This 2 in 1 cartridge features an activated coconut carbon block as well as anti-scale media that extends RO membrane life. The 1 micron pore size and high surface density of the block ensures maximum contact time and eliminates the potential for channeling seen in GAC alternatives.

  • 1 Micron Filtration
  • Anti-scaleMedia
  • Activated Coconut Carbon
  • NSF 42Standard

Stage 4

Powerful Filtration

The NSF 58 certified RO membrane eliminates thousands of potential contaminants. The membrane strips the water down to its purest form and sends the toxins packing down the drain pipe. Our RO membrane is rated for 80 GPD production with a 1:1 waste ratio.

  • 96% TDS Rejection Rate
  • 1:1 WasteRatio
  • Dow Filmtech Technology
  • NSF 58Standard

Stage 5-8

Alkaline, All The Time

Our 4 in 1 remineralizing post filter features a blend of three different mineral medias that lower your water’s ORP, increase pH and add trace minerals like calcium, magnesium and potassium. In addition an integrated 1 micron carbon block post filter polishes the water before it reaches your glass.

  • 7.5-9.5ph Alkaline Water
  • Three Remin Medias
  • NegativeORP
  • CoconutCarbon Block

Battery Powered

The long-lasting battery pack powers all of the internal sensor tech that keeps your Cloud humming. This simple battery pack allows you to avoid complex electrical installation under your sink. A new battery pack is sent with your replacement filters, alongside a return label for easy recycling.

  • 2+ YearLifespan
  • Easy Drop-in Replacement
  • Non-hazardous
  • Alkaline Batteries
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